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Korin and joyful members are doing professional works.

Korin profile.jpg

ATELIER KORIN Representative 


brings happiness of 

Flower sculptor


I* does not belong to any school.

*The name "Korin" is a pseudonym of ikebana.

Japanese. Sole proprietor.

*Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Clothing, and

Graduated from Wako University, Department of Fine Arts.


*Studied abroad in Italy to learn the essence of art.

*Studied ikebana for 13 years, and creates stylish space decorations that are a hybrid of ikebana.

*I have worked with many people of traditional Japanese culture in the ikebana art of arranging flowers from behind.

*As an ikebana instructor, IIkebana experiences for foreign visitors to Japan will also be offered.

White Rose



*Artificial flowers are her specialty! 




*She is very good at large works using a impact driver!

*Always helpful!

hydrangea flower



*Let us handle the flowers!

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