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I requested a flower arrangement for my retirement gift.

When I told them about the other person's personality, they arranged the arrangement to fit that image.

You can also create a message card with your own handwritten information about the language of flowers and how to grow them, which is a great touch. We only communicated via chat, but it went very smoothly.

Thank you for accepting my job the other day. This time, I was asked to arrange flowers for a web commercial shoot in an unfamiliar environment, but the work exceeded my expectations and was very helpful.  

I would like to work with you again if I have the opportunity.  

thank you very much.

Korin-san provided flower arrangements for my sister's wedding. We did not want traditional arrangements and it took us a while to decide what we did want. Korin-san was patient and provided helpful guidance throughout the process. On the day of the event, Korin-san managed all logistics and I did not have to worry about anything. I highly recommend her for any type of event.

We created fresh flowers that perfectly matched the atmosphere of the venue and the concept of the event.

The innovative design feels more like an object than a fresh flower.

You can always make it exactly as you envision, so you can order with confidence.

Thank you very much for accepting this request.

When I gave it to a colleague, he was very impressed.

Even though I had asked for a difficult request, I was really happy because it was even cuter than I expected. If I have another chance, I would definitely like to request your service again.

I'm really thankful to you!

Mr. M
Newborn photo wreath

A beautiful gradation color of green based on white,

It matched the baby's fresh look.

When placed, the photo instantly becomes more gorgeous.

Thank you very much for the wonderful wreath that brings out the unique cuteness of babies.

The result was very satisfying.

Thank you very much!

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