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♡ Handmade good-luck bags that bring happiness

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I am Korin, a flower designer who brings happiness!

A flower-patterned good-luck charm bag in which a profitable flower mikuji can be placed has been started.

It is a unique good-luck charm bag with a handmade feel with chrysanthemum, tortoise shell, kanoko-cloud, plum, cherry blossom, and arabesque patterns that give a sense of the autumn season.

It is a good luck charm bag in Hana-Mikuji (flower fortune that brings happiness), also which you can also put your own good luck charms.

Handmade dolls are carefully made by handmade doll artist Micchan, who puts her heart and soul into the selection of fabrics.

Since they are handmade, the quantity is limited.

1,000 yen per piece

Size: approx. w6cm x h8.5cm

You can order from the options in the online store, but if you only want a good-luck charm bag, please contact us separately.



#季節の花 のオーダーメイドオンラインショップ


#宅配 にて承ります✨

#フラワーアレンジメント をお作りいたします😊💐


#ディスプレイ のご依頼は、DMからお願いいたします💐

Request for a unique combination of flower #flowerarangement and #flowerdiaplay , please send a DM😊💐


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