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Ikebana-chrysanthemums festival

On September 9, chrysanthemums are decorated and chrysanthemum petals are floated in sake to wish for good health and long life,

This is the day of "Chou-you-no-Sekku" to wish for good health and longevity.

It is also known as "Adult Women's Festival.

This is a flower arrangement I made for an ikebana demonstration appreciation event the other day.

Ikebana-chrysanthemums festival
Ikebana-chrysanthemums festival

Ikebana of "Less is More" using chrysanthemums and millet, the source of fruitfulness and life.

Don't you think it has a different charm from Western flower arrangements?

I am very proud of ikebana, which is uniquely Japanese.

I hope you will also feel the "Japan" of ikebana.

🌸Language of flowers

Chrysanthemum (pink): noble

Balloon cotton (green): full of dreams

Millet (green): vitality

petrified fern (green): humility

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